Services We Offer

Get the e-commerce solution you need to power your business

Transform your business with a purpose-built e-commerce implementation that addresses your unique needs. We help clients increase their sales performance with a solution targeted towards their niche and driven by their brand's growth strategy. With TQuanta, you have beside you a partner with proven record of successful ecommerce implementations and strong delivery processes.

Our solutions help you :

1. Identify the right platform: Help you find the right ecommerce platform to build a store according to your specifications

2. Build a customized solution: Implement a powerful, user-friendly e-commerce platform that addresses all your business requirements

3. Deliver consistent communication: Create a platform in accordance with your brand guidelines to ensure consistency across the web and offline communications

4. Intuitive interaction: Create a compelling context driven e-commerce experience for users to ensure visibility to each section of your inventory

5. Powerful reporting: Give your detailed insight into operations through a purpose built reporting module

Increase your efficiency and reduce costs with BPM / ECM solutions

TQuanta’s Business Process Management helps you improve company performance by optimizing business processes with technology. By reducing process complexity, we help you reduce inefficiency and better cater to your clients, helping you build a stronger, more flexible business that delivers consistently high quality services.

Leverage our capabilities for :

1. Greater efficiency: Get a BPM solution that streamlines processes to reduce lag, improve efficiency and save costs

2. Improved intelligence: Build greater insight into your business processes through process monitoring and analytics

3. Transparent collaboration: Design processes that improve collaboration, and thus improve output delivery

4. Greater Agility: Help your business evolve through rapid process innovation driven by actionable insight

5. Simplified sophistication: TQuanta helps you build a powerful BPM system that drives synergy and helps you exert greater control

Enterprise Content Management Subhead: Leverage all the data created by your organization through a powerful, customized CMS

Unstructured and unorganized data can lead to avoidable inefficiencies. With Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology, organizations can structure all the content and information related to their business processes. ECM technology enables organizations can go beyond record management to a seamless system to manage data in an accessible, organized manner that encompasses datapoints created online or offline. How TQuanta can help you:

1. Create clear content flows to organize data in defined protocols

2. Create a framework customized to your exact content needs

3. Easily access content related to your organization anytime, anywhere

4. Uncover trends and threads through content to improve business processes

5. Capture all the versions of content created and store them according to streamlined protocols

Build a resilient IT infrastructure designed for operational excellence

Tackle your IT challenges with a team that helps you build a robust IT infrastructure framework. With TQuanta’s knowledge you can optimize your IT infrastructure performance and improve your overall business efficiency. We combine industry expertise with cutting edge solutions to help you save costs and invest more on growing business rather than battling IT infrastructure problems. Leverage our domain expertise and best practices to build a cost effective IT infrastructure that is aligned to your business needs.

Leverage our IT Infrastructure expertise for :

1. Enterprise infrastructure management : Get a comprehensive infrastructure solution in line with industry standard frameworks, customized to your needs

2. Datacenter management : Improve agility & operational performance with a datacenter designed and operated in accordance with the highest standards.

3. IT Infrastructure Security : Better manage IT risks with a planned approach to build a resilient infrastructure with multiple redundancies

4. Powerful Networking infrastructure : Support your organization’s diverse communication needs with a dynamic networking solution

5. Streamline services cost-effectively : Power your computing needs with best in class infrastructure that is efficient and cost effective

Glean greater business intelligence with customized data warehousing solutions

Meet emerging business challenges with quick access to insightful data. TQuanta helps build a scalable data warehouse solution to improve business & IT collaboration and gain greater business intelligence. Leverage our domain expertise to save time, reduce costs and get a faster data warehouse implementation.

Choose TQuanta’s data warehousing for :

1. Faster deployment : We have invested in the team and process to jumpstart your data warehouse deployment. With decades of cumulative experience, our team is perfectly poised to get you the solution you need.

2. Transparency & monitoring : Retain complete oversight on the deployment with tools and reports always keeping you looped in.

3. Higher quality, lower costs : Minimize your costs with a solution built to deliver greater data insight with zero hassle.

4. Comprehensive support : Find the perfect partner to give you dedicated support and help resolve issues or help you evolve your solution

Empower your business with actionable insights through Big Data solutions

Maximize revenue and operational efficacy with a multi-domain big data solution. TQuanta helps you identify and aggregate data from the multitudes of channels used and uncover actionable insights. We help you at every step of the way from creating a Big Data roadmap to deployment, securing, testing and maintenance. Gain insight at every step of the data lifecycle with TQuanta’s Big Data implementation.

Leverage our Big Data solutions to :

1. Integrate your data : Data comes from disparate platforms. Build the right architecture and plan capacity to ensure you capture as much data as you can.

2. Refine your data : Everything from indexing to analytics to give you a measurable, searchable database that contributes to your business intelligence.

3. Protect your data : Build robust security solutions to protect your data from fraud, malware and other risks

4. Build big data processes : Leverage our team’s knowledge to build native dig data administrative processes or get managed solutions with TQuanta

Bank on our cloud expertise to transform your business

Take your business one level higher with a custom cloud computing solution powering your operations. TQuanta helps organizations transform their operations by integrating functions and departments on the cloud, functioning on data stored in a secure data center. Drive innovation across all levels and improve efficiency, transparency and agility with a customized, easy to deploy Cloud infrastructure solution.

How TQuanta can drive your cloud-driven transformation :

1. Cloud readiness assessment: Transition quickly from legacy infrastructure to the cloud with a roadmap driven by a thorough readiness assessment.

2. Cloud based app management: Leverage the cloud to scale your business with apps that can be deployed and maintained over the cloud. Our teams can build you the cloud solution you need.

3. Migrate to the cloud: Move existing applications to the cloud with a usage model that fits your needs. Choose between IaaS/SaaS/PaaS options and build a stronger cloud-driven process.

4. Cloud Integration services: Get a cloud integration service that helps you easily integrate on premise applications, external cloud applications and your own cloud based apps to create a more synergized business.

5. Cloud infrastructure services: Get complete cloud infrastructure support irrespective of the type of cloud deployment you wish to adopt. We help you with everything from setting up infrastructure to maintenance & backup.