About My video Cv

myvideocv.in is a video resume job portal, which helps job seekers to find a job with searching criteria like preferred skills, location & work profile. It also helps for employer to post jobs, Search candidate, view Visual Resumes & downloads. Main aim of the Myvideocv.in is to reduce the gap between employer & employees with revolutionary video interface.

Our Portfolio



  • Visual Resume
  • Speed Interview for job seeker
  • Client Scheduled Interview
  • Self Learning
  • Self Assessment
  • Experts Review
  • Public URL.

Benefits for Employer

  • Immediate job posting
  • Visual Resumes data base search
  • Schedule online video interviews
  • Save time, money & efforts
  • Get better quality profiles
  • Free company branding.

Benefits for Candidate

  • Bring life to your paper resumes
  • Engage your interviewer longer than a paper resume does
  • Customized Visual resumes
  • Self Learning
  • Self Assessments
  • Public URL.